User agreement
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Administration don’t take the responsibility for any losses by using information and this web-resource. The user has to take under his control the laws of his country and age limits 18+ for Russian Federation.

Materials here are represented for introductory purposes with no right for the commerсial use.

If you have trademark rights for using the website materials and you are against the usage of the materials, or you want to give some recommendations, please, write to the Portal Administration via Email: [email protected] You should provide in your email:

Electronic or material signature of IP rights owner or his attorney;
Description of the IP right that you think is offended and description of the offending acts;
Identification of the place where you have the originals or certificated copy of the work with the IP rights. For example, it can be the URL of the website where the works are posted or a book name, where this work was published. In case of registered branded name, you can send the shortcut from the registry, that can approve the registration;
If you are not an IP right owner, then you should send the license copy, that shows your right to use and defend the IP rights;
Identification of the URL address of other website spot where you’ve found the materials with offended rights (this information has to be quite specific to find the material coordinates and where it is)
Your name and full contact information
Application from you that you really think that debatable usage of the spotted materials wasn’t solved by the IP rights owner, his agent or by law.

With the first call from the rights owner, the Administration takes all measures to regulate the situation.