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Why is there the “only reading” option?

We value the content quality and all chat messages are posted from trusted and big crypto-investors who lead super-cool funds

Now there are 1000 users in the chat

Total volume of the users’ investments is more than 10.000.000$ a week

Most of users’ crypto experience starts from 2013-2014

There are some trusted projects suggested, when sometimes you can make X10 in a few hours

16 reasons why you should join the chat:

Different approach – for crypto user it’s sometimes hard to see the situation from another angle, here you’ll get some other views from the experienced chat users

Boosting feedback – for a crypto-expert opinion there is a quick feedback from users and a big boost in your development as an expert

Always up to date – there are different potentially profitable crypto-technologies shared, keep up to the discussions of different hot topics from the crypto world

Researches – join some users’ opinions, try new effectively and research the market with likeminded people

One-million fail – experts share their huge financial fails and their consequences, share opinions and do the situations reviews

Step-by-step instructions – big players can do the step-by-step review of how do the XXX work

Lifehacks – get more lifehacks, experiments and results from the chat users

Crypto portfolio – you can make a collective crypto portfolio, buy assets together and group entry into cool projects

Prepared strategies – get some theoretical or working strategies from the users, discover new opinions, approval and critics from other side

Expertise – get a serious feedback for particular situations and events of the crypto world

Deal statistics – get some reports about the results from the big players

Problems – look how supportive big crypto experts are, how they discuss and solve different problems about money, opportunities and crypto itself

Rich people mindset – change your way of thinking, increase your level of life, surround yourself with experienced crypto-fans and start thinking as they do

Expend – create your surrounding and surpass yourself, break the wall that stops your growth

Crazy progress – chat is a place for successful development, where every user will achieve the goals faster than if he’s alone

Motivation and support – strong, active, ambitious get serious support here, those who stopped and lost their next step get high motivation

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BitBrain creators,
who they are?

- ProBlockchain and mediaplatform number 1 creators

- In industry of crypto since 2015

- Monitor all appearing technologies

- Digital Transformation Ministry of Ukrain advisors + helped with Binance integration in Ukrain

- Lead every-day YouTube streams (there are more than 800 videos on the channel and more than 23.000.000 views)

- Authors of the book “Book about crypto number 1”

Vyacheslav Nosko

Vyacheslav Nosko

Maksim Burkov

Maksim Burkov