Crypto academy
We give practical knowledge for beginners and advanced users in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain
Personal consulting in the field of blockchain
Creating the best development strategy for explosive growth of personal capital and WEB3 projects from Pro Blockchain founders and experts.
10 000$
12 mon
Access to the DEFI XXX HUNTERS chat
For 12 months without the ability to write.
  • "How to Become a Crypto Pro" Course
Access to the DEFI XXX HUNTERS chat
UNLIMITED with the ability to write
  • "How to Become a Crypto Pro" Course
12 mon
Access to Vip DEFI HUNTERS chat room for a year
For 12 months without the ability to write.
  • Access to XXX HUNTERS chat room with the ability to write forever
10 000$
Access to the DEFI HUNTERS VIP chat.
Unlimited with the ability to write
  • Access to the DEFI XXX HUNTERS chat with the ability to write forever.
  • Product "Personal consulting in real estate"
25 000$
Author's course: 'How to Become a Pro in Crypto.
Course consisting of 24 lessons: from creating crypto wallets to building an investment portfolio and secure asset management. The course includes closed webinars, crypto workshops, and intensives on current topics for 2023-24.
  • Workshop on Meme Coins: Take x100 or Liquidation?
  • Airdrop: Everything You Need to Know or How to Raise a Million?
  • All About Liquidity Pools in Uniswap V2-V3
  • Crypto Workshop: How to Become a Crypto Guru
  • All About Cryptocurrency in 90 Minutes

What is Hunter's chat room ?

  • A closed community of Hunters, it's not just a chat room. It's 1200+ like-minded people with vast practical experience.

If your deposit is up to $100,000, this is the perfect option for you.

It is impossible to cover all narratives and trends alone. One must immerse oneself in a community of like-minded people who share valuable information, highlight trends and market directions.

Big money is made through networking paired with knowledge. Hunters are a family that will always help and advise. Here you will not find signals or a dough button, here you will find the power of an experienced community number 1 in crypto, which with the right approach will give x's and profits.

What gives VIP tariff?

  • ViP chat access for 1 year or forever/optional.
  • Access to a large 1200+ person chat room with the ability to post forever.

If your deposit is over $100,000, you should consider this rate.

ViP chat is a millionaires' club. Its number is smaller, but here people of a different caliber are gathered: fund managers, founders and c-level employees of large crypto projects, cryptans with million-dollar deposits.

You'll get top networking, priority for investing in early stage projects and the biggest allocations with the best terms. Information on early stage investments first appears here.

You will have access to private chat consultations, as well as full access to VIP networking areas for offline events organized by Pro Blockchain Media.

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